This visionary path of the Imagination is the oldest in mystical Judaism used by prophets and dreamers alike to find their way through the maze of life.

Learning to be in touch with your imaginal mind allows you to tap into its source at will to activate an instantaneous response to any life circumstance, whether it is a life change, a healing crisis, a learning situation, or a relationship issue. The Kabbalists call this in-sight YERIDA, descent into the Merkabah, the chariot or palace of the inside. The School of Images teaches techniques to achieve this descent into true vision, and thus quicken the individual's unique path of








As you learn to tap into your Imagination, you will find yourself both confronted with the truth and dazzled with the glory of your true being. It is that radiant vision of who you really are that will propel you through all the obstacles that life contrives. As you continue to practice, you will come to realize that your image is made in the image of a greater being, and you will tap into the core of the inner sanctum, where the God-like Image resides.